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Meet Robin Biro 

With over 25 years of experience as a small businessman and analytical consultant, Robin brings a unique perspective on maximizing spending and understanding the hurdles faced by small businesses. Furthermore, his tenure as a former Obama Campaign Director honed his ability to engage in constructive political discourse, having participated in over 2,000 televised debates over seven years. Robin believes in the importance of bridging political divides and fostering collaboration in the Georgia Senate, drawing on his experience of leading diverse teams with a shared mission during his military service.

Robin Biro
Working for the People

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Robin Biro's platform for the Georgia Senate District 55


School Funding

  • Biro advocates against using public education funds for private school tuition, highlighting disparities in access to private schools favoring wealthier areas. Instead, he proposes reallocating funds to public school budgets, teacher support, facilities, and technology, emphasizing the importance of investing in public education given the state's budget surplus.


Citizen Ballot Initiative

  • Biro supports empowering residents to petition for ballot measures, citing examples from other states where citizen initiatives have led to significant policy changes such as minimum wage increases, paid sick leave, and marijuana legalization. He aims to reduce bureaucratic hurdles and facilitate a direct democracy approach for Georgians to enact change.


Medicaid Expansion

  • With 69% of Georgians supporting Medicaid expansion, Biro pledges to advocate for it, highlighting the need to provide health insurance for those with limited income. He emphasizes the potential cost savings for the state in the long run and references successful expansions in other states to cover more individuals under certain income thresholds.

U.S. Army Ranger Veteran and Advocate for Community Progress

I am honored to have served as an Army Ranger, where I learned the values of duty, honor, and integrity that guide me in all aspects of my life. My time in the military instilled in me a deep sense of responsibility to protect and serve, and I am now dedicated to applying those principles to benefit the citizens of Georgia.

Upon retiring from the military, I made the decision to establish roots in Georgia, recognizing its rich history, diverse communities, and boundless potential. Now, I am eager to leverage my experiences and skills to contribute to the prosperity and well-being of Senate District 55.

United voices, common goals, paving the way for progress.

Voter Information

Join us in a grassroots movement to make a difference! Robin Biro is on a mission to empower our community, and it starts with your vote. Let's come together and ensure that every voice is heard.

Your voice is your power, and registering to vote is the first step in making it heard.

Visit our dedicated voting information hub to find your polling place and ensure your voice is heard in the heart of our community.

Let's make our democracy accessible to all, including our brave military personnel and those living overseas.

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