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Meet Robin Biro

Democrat Candidate for Georgia Senate District 55

My campaign is built upon a foundation of service, integrity, and a commitment to the betterment of our community.

About Robin

Dedicated to Georgia Senate District 55

I have been involved in grassroots democratic politics since I was old enough to vote. I got my first major entry into politics though when I was staff on the Obama Campaign in 2008, as a Regional Campaign Director, covering SC, NC, and GA. After that the only thing that could match the adrenaline of the Obama campaign was jumping out of perfectly good airplanes as an Army Ranger in the 75th Ranger Regiment, headquartered here in Georgia. I decided to make Georgia my permanent home and am now retired from the military. In 2019 though my life changed forever when I became “dad” overnight to my much younger half-siblings after a family tragedy.


As a single dad with two kids currently in Georgia public schools I have had an inside view of the challenges that our teachers and students face and the struggles that Georgia families face. I was inspired to run for Senate Seat 55 because of egregious legislation that is currently being considered in the Georgia Legislature that would cause harm to Georgia families, particularly the least fortunate and most vulnerable among us.


A small businessman of 25-years who has advised local, state, and national government and captains of industry on an analytical  consulting basis, I have a unique perspective of how to maximize spending, and I have an inside perspective of the challenges that small businesses face. 


As a former Obama Campaign Director, I have debated political opponents every day on live national television more than 2,000 times over 7 years, and I have a unique ability to get through to conservatives in a way that makes them listen. We need thoughtful discourse in the Georgia Senate if we want to get anywhere.  Political warfare has been on the menu since at least 2016, but it is well past time for us to work together to help Georgians instead of just fighting one another. I have led troops in battle from vastly different political ideologies and walks of life for one common mission, and I can do the same in the Georgia Senate.

A devoted advocate crafting a

resilient, united community

Robin Biro
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